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Woodworking machine operation skills and precautions

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With the development of the times, wood carving machine products are becoming more and more popular among consumers In the carving process of wood carving machines, it is necessary to pay attention to the operating skills so that the carved objects are not maximized Avoid engraving damage.

To work around these issues, try the following:

First, check if the pliers or chucks used in the woodworking engraving machine are wrong? At the same time, wear on the pliers or chucks of the woodworking engraving machine also causes displacement of the engraved object. If the pliers or chucks are too tight, the engraved object will pop up when the blade touches the engraved object.

2. In the case of these irregularly shaped sculptures, the surface appears to be firmly fixed and sways back and forth when subjected to downforce. At this point, you can put some waste under the object to increase friction. Another is to keep the package that came with the item. Objects are irregular in shape, but the package itself can be very regular and easy to fix. Easy fix. Or try the tool, fix the normal parts and discard the irregular parts.

3.If the downforce of the engraved object is very large, consider whether you need to use a tapered nose.If the diamond bit of the wood engraving machine moves too much during the engraving process, Things move when pressure is applied and engraving occurs. Using the wrong diamond knife can cause the same problem. A 90 or 100 degree diamond knife penetrates the material and moves it through the process.

Fourth, woodworking engraving machines are often equipped with multifunctional pliers or chucks and are made of iron, which can damage the engraved object or slip down during the engraving process You may. Can be used to correct engravings.

5. If you are engraving a plastic pattern, apply the re-adhesive tape to the back of the object to be engraved, spray the tape on the liquid adhesive surface, and then apply it to a surface that can be used as waste. Glues leaving the surface that is difficult to clean. This is because the transfer tape can be easily peeled off and cleaned. Use a special engraving tape on one side that is more sticky than the other side so that the plate can be moved and replaced freely.

Through the above knowledge and explanation, everyone understands the operation skills of wood carving machine and the precautions in daily use.

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