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What you should know about CNC router maintenance?

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A detailed CNC router maintenance schedule. Maintenance schedules tend to vary with the machine, but there are five guidelines that apply to all of them: Cleanliness. It does not take long for a machine to get quite dirty. Most of them operate in what can be considered a very dusty environment, which accentuates the need for cleanliness.

These difficulties cannot be broad brushed by simply attributing maintenance shortcomings to negligence. Usually, it’s the smallest and seemingly innocent oversights that can jeopardize operations over the long term, perhaps caused by the rush of the production schedule or a shortage of manpower on a particular day. Frankly, whatever the cause, the problem is still the same. Everything from less than thorough lubrication to improper tooling in the spindle will play a role in shortening the router’s lifespan. Just because the router continues to work efficiently the next day or the day after that is no guarantee against an undesirable cumulative damage certain to shorten the machine’s longevity. These machines should last up to two decades assuming the manufacturer’s maintenance protocols are adhered to on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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