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What to do if the spindle motor of a wood carving machine rusts?

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Rust on the spindle of a wood carving machine is a problem that plagues many users. Depending on the work environment, spindle motors may easily get rusted if maintenance is not done in time. A little rust does not affect the normal use of the spindle motor, but without long-term treatment it will shorten the life of the spindle motor. Rust removal method for spindle motor of wood carving machine:

1. Remove external rust, scale, etc. by hand knock, shovel, scrape, brushing, sand or soft buckling. This is the painter's aggressive method of derusting. You can also use a spatula, a scraper, a pointed hammer, a wire brush, a polishing cloth, a broken saw blade and other tools, this method is relatively easy, but it is also easy to damage the machine, Maintenance personnel must be very careful when removing rust, or the machine's spindle may fall out of track.

2. Spray the motor evenly with a clean lubricant. Wipe off the rust on the stone engraving machine with a cotton cloth for about 30 minutes. If rust is strong, spray more lubricant. Lubricant cleaners are not electrically conductive and have a good lubricating effect.

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