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What is the type of engraving machine?

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There are many types of engraving machines. Among them, woodworking engraving machines are divided into knife exchange type engraving machines, also called machining centers, multi-head engraving machines, embossing machines, and 4-axis linkage 3D engraving machines. Of course, woodworking lathes also have engraving machines. It has features, but its use is limited. Therefore, before customers can buy an engraving machine, they need to know more about the characteristics of each type of equipment.

The disk-type tool change engraving machine is called an improved machining center. The bucket-type tool magazine can be equipped with eight tools and the tool change speed is high. Suitable for processing multiple complex products. And this model generally has a high configuration. As a result, the price is relatively high, generally around 100,000, and some manufacturers sell over 200,000.

The tool change model also has a row type tool change. Some types of tool changers have a tool magazine at the end of the lathe. Each time the tool is changed, the faucet has to return to the starting point wherever it is. As a result, the tool changes slowly.

Some models are widely used by door industry companies. Intelligent multi-process models can usually automatically switch between double-headed (dual processing), three-headed (three-processing), and double or three knives. For wooden doors with less complex process requirements, two or three knives can be used. This model is also very cost-effective. Prices range from about 40,000 to 50,000, depending on configuration.

If the customer wants to carve products such as European furniture, classic furniture or reliefs, such as relief patterns for screen cabinet doors, wooden craft pendants, etc., we recommend using a special relief machine. Embossing machines are multi-headed because engraving products such as relief murals takes a long time.

Wait a few seconds. Usually one in three, one in five, one in six, two in eight, and so on. Different models have different sizes. According to the configuration and number of heads, the size and price of this model is about 40,000-70,000. If the price is significantly lower than the market price, customers are advised to purchase carefully. Customers need to understand the reasons for such low prices. See some more for comparison.

Some customers need to sculpt European style furniture accessories such as 3D Buddha statues, sculptures, sofa legs, table and chair legs, 4 axis linkage sculptures specially used for 3D sculpture Need to use the machine. Usually there are eight rotation axes, and eight can be engraved at the same time. In addition, this model can also perform planar engraving. The price is about 100,000, depending on the configuration.

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