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What are the safe operating specifications of CNC wood engraving machine?

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CNC woodworking engraving machines need to be used very widely in furniture companies, and their usage is increasing year by year in various industries and sectors. Due to the rapid proliferation and development of equipment, there are also bottlenecks that limit the shortage of operators of real CNC engraving machines. Operators of many manufacturers can easily leave hidden safety dangers just by getting used to their work. Today, Exquisite Machinery organizes relevant knowledge for everyone from five aspects for reference.

1.While operating the woodworking engraving machine, please do not operate as you want If power failure occurs, please turn off the power first and then perform the maintenance so that the high-speed engraving machine does not hurt the operator .

2.During the engraving process, don't forget to bring in gloves to clean the engraving debris or touch the engraving spindle which is a high speed rotating spindle. Wearing gloves by hand is easy and poses a potential safety hazard.

3. When using a woodworking engraving machine for engraving, when loading and unloading engraving plates, first unload the engraving tool so that sharp tools do not hurt the operator.

4. Do not disturb electrical appliances and circuits inside the distribution cabinet. Power cabinets and control system problems must be quickly identified and resolved to avoid unnecessary obstruction lights due to electric shock or line disruption.

5. Although the operation of the engraving machine looks easy, there are many operating requirements and specifications that require attention.

Because CNC woodworking engraving machines are fully automated machine production equipment, you must pay attention to safe operating specifications during daily operation and use, and ask the manufacturer to report problems in time. In the daily use process, the accumulated experience will increase the operating level and performance of the engraving machine.

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