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What are the four maintenance skills for a wooden cnc router?

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In general, very experienced cnc router users know the maintenance techniques for sign engraving machines. Advertising production companies usually have a sign engraving machine maintenance person, but proper maintenance can extend the life of the machine.

1. The engraving machine usually runs continuously for less than 10 hours a day to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. The water spindle motor should not run out of water. Change the cooling water regularly to prevent the water temperature from becoming too high. If the working environment temperature in winter is too low, the water in the aquarium can be replaced with antifreeze.

2. Whenever you use the machine, pay attention to cleaning and be sure to clean the platform and transmission system of dust. Also, lubricate the transmission system (X, Y, Z 3 axes) regularly (weekly). (Note: The polishing rods of the three rods X, Y and Z are maintained by motor oil. High speed butter is added to the screw parts. If winter working environment temperature is too low, screw rod and The polishing rods (square or circular rails) must be cleaned with gasoline Clean and then add oil, otherwise excessive resistance will be created in the transmission part of the machine and the machine will be misaligned. )

3. When performing maintenance and inspection of electrical appliances, be sure to turn off the power after the monitor display is turned off and the main circuit power indicator light is off.

4. Inspect the fasteners of the engraving machine after about 3 months and tighten the connecting screws on both sides of the gantry, the tightening screws of the screw nuts, and the tightening screws of the motors on both sides.

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