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Hot sale cnc router

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This 1325 woodworking engraving machine is a high-efficiency automatic machine tool for machining complex parts by combining mechanical equipment and numerical control system. The R&D and sales of the equipment fully meet the needs of the domestic and overseas markets, meet the actual production needs of users, and fit various application scenarios of woodworking engraving. It is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools in the world with the most efficient production and practical application. The equipment has strong comprehensive processing capability and high processing precision. The batch workpiece with medium processing difficulty is 5 to 10 times more efficient than ordinary equipment on the market. In particular, it can complete processing that cannot be completed by many ordinary equipment. More complex shapes, high precision requirements, single-piece machining or small-to-medium-volume multi-variety production is more suitable.

cnc router Feature of the machine:

1. High-quality HQD 9.0 kw of air-cooled spindles, ensures efficient operation.

2. 850W servo motor high-power drives.

3. New desigan machine with a saw for fast cut

4. Vacuum table with T-slot (Clamps) table, more convenient for woodworking.

5. Heavy Reliable steel frame, six lag more stable.

6. The Automatically lubrication system ensures the stability of mechanical parts.

7. 8-12 Tool Magazine, Tool changer automatically, many times increases productivity.

8. Taiwan's SYNTEC control system is more convenient to operate the machine for processing 2D, 3D engraving.

9. Hiwin 25 square guide rails and rack transmission

10. Breakpoint memory, can continue to work after power off & breaking cutter tools

cnc router Application:

Wood furniture Industry, Furniture decoration, music instrument, wooden arts and crafts, large scale board engraving, solid wood furniture, solid wooden mural, composite door, free-paint door, cabinet doors, advertising industry, Die industry, Relief sculpture, toy production, bedside cupboard, screen sculpture etc.

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