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High Precision Wood CNC Professional Router 1325

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1. Machine features:

1) Three Axis under the control of Type3 software, high automation;

2) Y axis adopts double motors to ensure stable operaton;

3) High speed and efficiency, max. Speed over 14m/m;

4) The CNC Engraver is with two motors and unique two rack driving, No deformation and vibration after a long-time work within high speed.

5) Application of driver with high definition subdivision ensures fast speed and high accuracy

6) Wood industry, it is a professional wood door making and furniture making machine;

7) Automatic oiling system fulfills the periodic lubrication maintenance just by a slight press.

8) Imported Taiwan HIWIN linear guide tail, ensure the machine stable movement.

2. Applicable industry:

Ood industry, I wood door making and furniture making, relief, double-color board, bamboo crafts, Advertising industry, breastplate, doorplate, aluminum, marble/stone industry.

Wood CNC Router 1325  Features:

1. T-Slot machine body,stronger casting steel gantry, whole machine is much more stable and durable!  ( solid and reliable, no distortion, carrying weight, stability).

2. Taiwan HIWIN square rails, imported ball screw from Germany with high quality helical rack.

3. Two motors drive system for Y axis.

4. Professional vacuum system, strong adsorption capacity.

5. Support different CAD/CAM software: Wentai, Mastercam, Type3, Artcam, Caxa, JD paint, proe/ UG and etc.

6. Advanced DSP numerical control system .It has the characteristic of operating with the handle, large screen display ,convenient operation and easy maintenance .It is designed with more human nature.

7. Intelligent protection work table to prevent the machine collision with a short point, continued carving off function, to avoid wasting material.

8  High Quality 6kw air-cooling spindle.

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