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Four heads CNC Woodworking Milling Cutting Machine for sale

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Four heads CNC Woodworking Milling Cutting Machine 

1.Multi-spindles CNC Router is mainly designed for changing tools easily while it is working. For example, when you make a workpiece by two, three or four tools to make different patterns, the Multi-spindles CNC Router can short the time of adjusting and checking the tools. After turning on the machine and once adjusting the knife, the machine can complete all the work absolutely at the same time and you can choose a horizontal side spindle to process keyhole slot, which can increase the accuracy and the additional time.

2.This style is equipment with3/4 kinds of cutters, there is no need to change the cutters when engraving or cutting. The program can work automatically. The advantage is low investment. High profit, low maintenance, easy to operate. It is also very easy for new user to operate.

3. Multi process CNC router use Servo drive & servo motor provide high precision control. 4.High power vacuum pump with vacuum table provide strong adsorbablity.

Application of Four heads CNC router

1.Furniture wooden doors cabinets plate office and wood furniture table,chair door and windows

2.The wood products voice boc,game cabinets, omputer tablem sewing machine table ,instrument

3.Plate processing insulation part, plastic chemical components ,PCB inner body of the car, bowling tracks.stair  epoxy resin,ABS, PP.PE and the other carbon mixed compounds

4.Decorate industry, Acrylic PVC,MDF artificial stone.organic glass ,plastic and soft metal .such as copper, aluminum plate engraving and milling process

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