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Features and advantages of the multi head CNC router

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Multi-purpose machine, economical and affordable. When the production volume is relatively large, multiple spindles can be processed simultaneously to complete the processing requirements of multiple machines at one time. When the production volume is small, a single spindle can also work independently, which can effectively and reasonably control production costs.

High production efficiency, high cost performance and good processing quality. Especially when batch processing of products, the product has good consistency and high quality, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of production equipment.

Longer service life. The multi-head engraving machine body adopts an overall thick-walled all-steel structure design. After welding and tempering, the machine’s body has the characteristics of strong rigidity, high strength and smooth rotation, which can ensure that the machine will not deform and shake under long-term high-speed operation.

Humanized design. The embedded PCI numerical control system makes the machine tool and computer seamlessly combined, and the operation is simple. The unique intelligent budget rule enables the motor to fully realize its high-speed potential, and the curved and linear synchronous processing is more perfect, and it has a worry-free operation for a long time. In addition, it has functions such as power off, break point re-engraving, and processing time prediction to realize a truly humanized design.

Good software compatibility. Adopting open software interface, it can be compatible with the processing codes generated by various CAD / CAM design software, such as type3 / Art cam / Cast mate / Wentai, to ensure the realization of various design functions.

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