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Failure analysis of wooden cnc router

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wooden cnc router  Alarm failure

Overtravel alarm that indicates that the machine has reached its limit while driving. Check the following steps.

1. Does the designed graphic size exceed the processing range?

2. Check if the machine motor shaft and screw connection wire is loose, and if so, tighten the screw.

3. Is the machine and computer properly grounded?

4. Whether the current coordinate value is outside the software limit range.

Overtravel alarm and release

Over overtravel automatically sets all motion axes to jogging state. If the machine leaves the limit position (that is, leaves the overtravel point switch) while holding down the manual direction key, the connected operating state is restored at any time.

moving When moving the table, pay attention to the moving direction and move away from the limit position.

Soft limit alarm needs to clear XYZ in coordinate settings

Non-alarm failure

1. The accuracy of repeat processing is not sufficient, so check in paragraphs 1 and 2.

2. The computer is working and the machine is not working Check for loose connections between the computer control card and the electrical box, if so, plug them in and tighten the fixing screws.

3. If no signal is found when returning to the machine origin, check according to Article 2. The proximity switch at the machine origin is defective.

Output failure

1. There is no output. Check if the computer and control box are connected.

2. Open the settings of Engraving Manager, check if the space is full, and delete the unused files in the manager.

3. Check if the signal wiring is loose.

Carving fault

1. Are the screws of each part loose?

2. Check if the processed path is correct.

3. Whether the file is too large and the computer handles the error.

4. Increase or decrease spindle speed to accommodate different materials (typically 8000-24000).

5. Loosen the knife chuck, clamp the knife in one direction and place the knife straight so that the engraved object is clean.

6. Check the tool for damage, replace it with a new one and engrave again.

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