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CNC router for sale

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CNC router engraver  is a kind of 3 axis cnc router which is designed with pure aluminum, which ensures the parallelism and greatly increases the precision and speed of the engine bed. This CNC router engraver is applied in cutting of kneading board of large size and making of large-scale relief and label. The size of theCNC router engraver is calculated and customized according to optimization rules in market Statistics.

Machine features: 

1) The lathe bed was cast steel square tube welding body, strong and without distortion.

2) Heavy-duty structure in "Trapezoid" type, and big Gantry bracket.

3) Multi-spindles working simultaneously, improve working-efficiency & easily-operating.

4) Advanced DSP Controller system, to engrave/cut 3D designs within multiple-lays.

5) Vacuum absorption table was adding, it can absorp the wooden materials closely. Guarantee the working-efficiency.

This is a cost effective CNC Router.Suitable for middle or small wood working factory and other advertising company.Easy to operate.Hand held keypad interface allows operator to set job parameters,jog the machine,perform system tests and download jobs from a remote computer system.

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