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CNC Router manufacturers

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This is an popular CNC Router, configured with high quality spare parts. It can be used to cut or engrave on plastic, acrylic, composite panel, wood, MDF, aluminum, copper, etc., widely used in advertising and woodworking industries.

Application Industry and Materials: 

Woodworking Industry: CNC router can be used for solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, MDF paint doors, solid wood doors, composite doors, cupboard doors and windows, beside cabinets, folding screen etc. 

The advertising Industry: CNC router can engrave all kinds of signage, logo products, trademarks, nameplates, badges, decorative gift, embossed

Medals, certificates, souvenirs, photo frames, furniture decoration, PVC plates, PCB boards(drilling and engraving), Double color boards, acrylic etc. 

Artwork Industry: In the wood, bamboo, organic board, double color plate, crystal and other materials on a variety of exquisite patterns and text engraving. 

Jinan Finecnc Automatic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a specialized in the production of CNC machines with about ten years of development. Our company has been committed to supply personalized product solutions to customers . Our products as follows:panel furniture production line -CNC cutting machine, CNC mold processing center, CNC woodworking router, CNC stone engraving machine, CNC advertising router machine, CNC aluminum profile processing center, etc. . As a manufacturer, we have enough experience and strong technical team ,and cleared the fear of attacks from behind for the customers.

we are CNC Router manufacturers,If you want to buy CNC Router,pls contact us.Looking forward to your consultation

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