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4 axis 1325 cnc router for sale

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Application of 4 axis 1325 cnc router:

1) Woodworking industry:wood frames,picture frames cutting,handicraft carving wave plates,wooden door production and processing.

2) Advertising industry:advertising materials such as PVC,acrylic,double color plate.

3) Stone working industry:such as natural marble,granite,artificial stone,tombstones,milepost,ceramic tile,glass and other materials.

4) Metal industry:carving aluminum,copper,stainless steel and so on.

After Sale Service of 4 axis 1325 cnc router:

1) Engineers available to service machine overseas.

2) 1 year guarantee for whole machine.

3) Technical support by phone,e-mail,whatsapp and skype.If you have any problems,we will within 12 hours to solve it.

4) Friendly English version and operation CD disk.

5) You will be get free training advice towards our machine in our factory.

6) If you need any component of the machine,we will provide the best price for you.

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