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2030 cnc router wholesale

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2030 cnc router Features:

1) A simple tool change operation can be performed, and engraving can also be done rotated to 90°.

2) Very economical and practical, especially suitable for making doors.

3) Stable running. Taiwan PMI/ABBA linear square rail and Taiwan TBI ball screw

4) China popular economic control system. WEIHONG PM95A-3L control system with handle

2030 cnc router Advantages

1.Designed with linear type auto tool changer, it automatically change tools without the need for manual tool change, which greatly improved processing efficiency.

2.With the automatic oil mist cooling sprayer, so it can process the aluminum.

3.Adopting Taiwan Syntec 6MB control system and servo motor driver system, which ensure the better performance of the machine.

4.With the heavy frame and gantry, which makes the machine operate more stably.

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